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Win Tickets to See Mastodon at The Orange Peel!

OOSA artist Alexis Ziritt has worked in comics (Mekano Turbo, The Package) and has provided illustrations for several publications (WWE Magazine, Complex) and companies (Patagonia, The Levitation Project). Recently, Alexis was asked to design the summer tour shirt for the band MASTODON. Ziritt Mastodon

To celebrate this conglomeration of awesomeness, OOSA is going to give away two tickets to see Mastodon (along with opening acts ASG and US Christmas) at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC on August 14th.

It's pretty simple to enter: If you want a chance to win the two tickets, just email me at with the subject line "MASTODON ROCKS". I'll pick one winner (you'll get both tickets) at random on Friday, August 9th and notify them via email. That's it. Good luck! (The contest has ended)

Remember: these two tickets are only for the Mastodon show at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC on August 14th. If you can't make it to that show, there is no need for you to enter the contest. Please visit the Orange Peel website for specific information about the venue and the show itself.

Also, be sure to check out Alexis' work here on the OOSA site, as well as at his personal site:


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Upcoming Appearances

I'll have a table set up at my home-town convention, the Bristol RobCon, onrobconposter-copy2 July 27th. I'll have shirts, original art and prints available. I've also duped invited my friend Rico Renzi to join me for the day. If you don't know, Rico is an amazing colorist who has done work for a ton of comic book companies on titles like Adventure Time, Avengers, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadpool, Loose Ends, Powerpuff Girls, Scott Pilgrim, Wolverine and Yo Gabba Gabba. He is currently doing the colors on Collider written by Simon Oliver with Robbi Rodriguez and Nathan Fox providing the art. Anyway, if you're in the Tri-Cities area, come out and see us. ponshopIn other news, I've been invited to participate in a Custom T-Shirt show in Fredericksburg, VA on August 2nd. Tailor Made 3 will take place at PONSHOP Studios and will feature several designers from the Northern Virginia area. I'll be featuring the Liz Suburbia and Toby Cypress OOSA Tees, of course. As soon as I get more information about the show, I'll be sure to post it here. In the meantime, check out last years show.

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Heroes Con Wrap-up

Aw, man. Heroes Con. I love that show! This year was pretty great, as it always is. Lots of talented artists, good friends, a relaxed vibe and tons of opportunities to socialize with like-minded folks at the show and after hours. A big thank you to Shelton and all of the Heroes Con staff/volunteers for putting on such a fantastic show. Here are some of my thoughts and highlights:

boothsIt was great to sit in Indie Island with Paul, Alexis, Andrew and his wife Erin. Those guys are always fun to be around. Ming was positioned in another section of the floor, but not too far away. That's alright, though, because she was soooo busy with commissions, I don't think she had time to talk anyway. Logan had to cancel at the last minute so he didn't make it this year. It's kind of bitter sweet because while we missed him being there, I got to use his table rather than just squeezing in somewhere. Also in our block were guys like Rob Ullman, Jared Cullum, J. Chris Campbell, Andy Runton, Wes Brooks and Hatuey Diaz from Top Shelf. They were all pleasure to be seated with. I know Rico Renzi works hard at putting people together who will enjoy each other's company, so kudos Rico.

I think all of the OOSA artists had a good show. I know they were all drawing a lot. Paul sold a bunch of books and did several commissions. Alexis brought a little of everything, but I think his new Doom Rider shirt was his biggest seller. He also had a bunch of commissions on Sunday. Andrew did great selling his book Head Lopper. Several people came over looking for it based on the recommendation of others that had bought it at the show. Other people would escort folks over to his table in person and say "Here is that book you need to buy". Ming, like I said earlier, had a ton of commissions. I'd be willing to bet it was close to 30. And me? I sold a bunch of the OOSA shirts and Liz Suburbia's zines. After related food and travel expenses for the show, I just about broke even and might have even made a few dollars profit. Which, after last year, is fantastic for me. Driving up Friday morning and going home on Sunday night shaved some costs, so that helped.

I'm sure you all have heard about how big the con floor was this year. I think this had it's pros and cons. As an exhibitor, I really appreciated the extra space behind the tables. Lots of room to put your stuff and still be able to get around without tripping over banners and such. I also liked the linear layout of the floor. There was a nice main thoroughfare through artist alley that allowed you to see the majority of the tables in one pass just by looking left and right. Also, the walkways were really wide which eased congestion and made it nice for people with small children and strollers. This also made it easy to get around slow walkers, sudden stoppers, lines of fans waiting for signatures, people taking pictures of cosplayers, and folks pulling carts loaded with comic boxes. The downside for the large floor space was that there was no quick trip to anywhere. Working a table, I had limited opportunities to get away. If I wanted to go say "Hi" to someone or go buy/look at something, I was gone for at least 20 minutes and there was no time for distractions. I bet I only saw about 25% of what was on display and a lot of that was just in passing. I'm sure the people on the outskirts of the floor saw fewer casual lookers than they would have in a smaller space. I heard random rumblings about how the large space was affecting sales, but then I heard others talk about how great their sales were this year. Not really sure how much of an effect the size of the convention hall had on that, though. Overall, I think having the larger space was a good thing. I know it was an expensive move for the show, so I'm hoping it payed off in extra ticket/table sales.

IMG_0611The organizers did a good job making use of the extra space this year. They had some cool cars in one section, an Akira gallery set up, large areas with chairs and tables for eating/reading/resting/talking, food vendors, etc. They also had several things set up just for kids like a super pet "petting zoo" where you could have your picture made with various comic book animal sidekicks and a kids comic library. IMG_0612There was a kids Heroes Con passport with specific kid-friendly destinations and activities highlighted and a reward of free comics if you got all of your pages stamped. (This was my idea by the way. Or at least I suggested it to Rico a few years ago. Just sayin'.)


Friday night was the Drink and Draw event. It got moved to the Hilton this year, which I think was a good decision. It was nice having a larger space for the crowd, and the indoor/outdoor option makes it so the fundraiser isn't at risk of being impacted by the weather. danddWhich is good, because it rained. Hard. I think there might need to be a few tweaks for next year (like perhaps more tables for people to sketch on), but this was this was definitely a necessary step in the right direction due to the growing popularity of the event. My favorite moment of the night was seeing Paul and Dustin Harbin sketching together. Paul was drawing a picture of Dustin. Dustin was also drawing a picture of Dustin. On a side note, it makes me happy that all of the OOSA artists showed up and contributed some sketches for the fundraiser. That display of character in my artists makes me proud.

IMG_0581We had our Brand New Nostalgia/Out of Step Arts panel, "I remember when Brand New Nostalgia was cool", on Saturday. It featured Andrew MacLean, Alexis Ziritt, Tradd Moore, James Harren, Paul Maybury, Joe Dellagatta, Brandon Clarke and myself. Was it well attended? Did people remember when BNN was cool? Let's just say that there were a few available seats in the room. Making the best of it, we just had an informal chat about what everyone submitted to the kaBOOMbox Vol. 1 anthology and showed some preview pages. I think it was actually pretty fun and informative for everyone present. And Tradd got a chance to eat his breakfast, so that was good. I think we'll have a video of the talk available for you to see online soon.

auctionSaturday night was the big auction night. I got invited to the pre-auction shindig Shelton puts on for a select few for the first time (which I really enjoyed and appreciated). Free food, open bar, great company. What a way to start the evening! The auction was packed and there were a lot of great pieces available. Pieces from Adam Hughes and Mark Brooks were notably absent, though, because they are typically the big money pieces. Hopefully that didn't effect the overall income of auction since the money raised goes towards putting on next year's Heroes Con. After watching the auction for a bit, I was invited to go out with Ming, Becky Cloonan, and Jimmy Aquino for oysters (which I had never tried before). jonesI spent the rest of the evening/early morning at the Westin bar chit-chatting with folks. I got to talk a long time with my old friend and consummate class-act, Erik Jones, which was nice because we only get to see each other at Heroes Con. I'm happy that his career is taking off and it was good to catch up.

Sunday I was tired. I left at the end of the show to drive back home so I didn't have a chance to go to the Dead Dog party, regrettably. I hope everyone had a good time.

Other quick thoughts and highlights: - Chris Pitzer's and Jim Rugg's mustaches. - Shelton mentioned the museum exhibit that we are working on together during his panel interview with Jim Rugg. It should be on the TMSIDK podcast. - Next year, I am instituting "Saturday Night Suits". Let's class this place up a little fellas. - It was great to see everyone, even though I had to reintroduce myself to some people because I look so different from years past.

Something I'd like to see next year: I'd like to see more publishing companies on the floor. Especially if the con is going to keep the larger space. Being such a well-respected and popular show, there is no reason that companies like Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and IDW shouldn't come. I'm sure this more of them deciding not to come as opposed to Heroes Con not inviting them.

Something I don't want to see next year: Aquaman. If you saw him, you know what I'm talking about. *Shudder*

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OOSA at Heroes Con

Whoooo! HEROES CON!!!! The Out of Step Arts crew will be exhibiting at this great show again this year. Paul Maybury, Andrew MacLean, Logan Faerber and Alexis Ziritt will be in Indie Island at tables 1120 - 1123. Ming Doyle will be set up at table 1209. They will all have original art, prints, comics and other sundries like shirts, stickers and sketchbooks. They'll also be doing sketches and commissions so be sure to get on their lists early. And you'll really want to make a point to get there in time to get the following: Alexis Ziritt's Doom Rider t-shirt, Andrew MacLean's Head Lopper comic and Paul Maybury's limited edition Morebury sketchbook.


So what about the rest of the OOSA artists? Well, Toby, Greg and Liz couldn't make it to the show so I'll be set up with the guys in Indie Island with a bunch of their things like original art, signed copies of Rodd Racer from Toby and a bunch of Liz's zines (also signed). I'll also be debuting the OOSA tees with designs by Toby and Liz!!!


And if that's not enough, we're going to be part of a panel discussion on Saturday with the Brand New Nostalgia artists. Come hear them talk about the upcoming kaBOOMbox Vol. 1 Anthology and the individual projects they're working on. It's going to be a good time.


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OOSA T-shirts are here!

If you follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (which you should be doing, btw), then you have heard talk and seen teases of the OOSA t-shirts to be debuted at Heroes Con next month. Well, they are now available for pre-order in the store at a special price for a limited time with free shipping in the US and Canada. You know, just in case you can't make it to Heroes Con. 

These shirts feature original designs by Liz Suburbia and Toby Cypress and are printed on premium fitted Next Level Apparel tees using a discharge process so the shirts are super soft. This is a limited edition run of 200 for each design and they will not be reprinted. Once they're gone, they're gone! Click here to get yours.

Toby Shirts

Sub tees Gray


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Original Art Sale

With new work coming out and convention season coming up, some of the OOSA artists are looking to get rid of some of their art that's been in the store for a while.

Paul Maybury has put all of his work at half off! Toby Cypress has his Blue Estate pages for only $60! Alexis Ziritt has everything listed at less than $90!

Some good deals to be had, people. Don't miss out!


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Lazer Lips and Glass Helmets

SHQ flyer HR The Secret Headquarters' first show of 2013, "Lazer Lips and Glass Helmets", will feature 15 new works from OOSA artists Ming Doyle and Toby Cypress. This retro-futuristic show will have interstellar babes and Sci-Fi action galore! The show's opening will be at 7:00pm on March 1st, but the art will be on display all month. All of the pieces will be for sale, plus there will be a limited print of one of Toby's pieces available.

Cypress Print

If you're in LA, or somewhere close by, I hope you'll make it. Follow OOSA on Twitter and Tumblr for more updates and pictures.

Preview Ming and Toby's pieces after the break.

Click here if you're interested in purchasing any of these pieces.

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Upcoming Gallery Shows

Margot Tenenbaum by Logan Faerber Logan Faerber will have a piece in the "Get a Room" show opening Ferbruary 15th at the Bottleneck Gallery in New York.

Toby Cypress and Greg Ruth will have work in the Eat Your Art Out 6 art show/fundraising event that takes place on February 23rd at Titmouse Animation Studios in LA. This year's theme is "Creature Feature at the Drive-In". All of the pieces are up for auction, so you can get some great artwork by amazing artists for (potentially) a really good price. Check out EYAO on Facebook for more info. Beach Girls by Toby CypressAgitha's Mirror by Greg Ruth

An even though this is happening next month, don't forget about the Ming Doyle/Toby Cypress show at Secret Headquarters March 1st. It's going to be epic! More info and previews will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Launch Date

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Charlotte MiniCon 1/20/13

charlotte-minicon_RGB-420x138 The Charlotte MiniCon is this Sunday and I'll be there along with a ton of great exhibitors, artists and other guests. I'll have lots of original art at great prices, with many of the pages being $100 or less! I'll also have prints, the OOSA Anniversary Print Sets, and a few other goodies from the OOSA artists like Fistful Apparel t-shirts and Toby Cypress' 2012 convention sketchbooks.

The show is from 11am to 5pm at the Grady Cole Center. There is still time to register for FREE admission, just click HERE, print your pass, and bring it to the show for fast entry! Parking is also free the day of the event.

There will also be a couple of charitable organizations at the show. Please consider giving something to one (or both) of the very worthwhile charities who will be on hand to collect your donations. Second Harvest Food Bank will be accepting non-perishable food items and monetary donations. The American Red Cross will be accepting monetary donations.

For a full list of all the creators and vendors attending MiniCon this year and a floor plan, visit the Heroes Aren't Hard to Find website.

See you Sunday!

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"The End" Group Show

OOSA artists Andrew MacLean, Logan Faerber and Toby Cypress were part of "The End" group show at the Pony Club Gallery. The show should be up for the rest of the month. If you're in Portland, OR, you should definitely go check it out in person. If not, you can see all of the pieces at the Pony Club Gallery website. Toby's piece has already sold, but Andrew's piece is for sale here. Toby


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Hurricane Sandy Relief sales

I'm sure you all saw how Hurricane Sandy affected the East Coast,  specifically New York and New Jersey. One of OOSA's own, Toby Cypress, was right in the middle of that mess on the Jersey Shore. His town was hit pretty hard and they anticipate being without power for a while, not to mention the long-term clean-up efforts. Toby is fine, but he may be out of commission for a bit. So to help out, I'm putting all of Toby's original art on sale to try to get him some money in his pocket. Enter the code word "SANDY" at the OOSA store when you buy any of his original pieces for the discount. The sale will end on the 16th, so don't miss out. Greg Ruth is also having a sale at his Etsy store and donating 50% of proceeds to the International Red Cross to help with their relief efforts for the areas affected by Sandy. Be sure to check that out as well.


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Paul Maybury art and commission sale

Did you all catch the news out of the New York Comic Con that Paul Maybury will be working on Catalyst Comix with Joe Casey for Dark Horse?! Well, between that, Paul's work on David Lloyd's Aces Weekly, and his other project, Reign, with Christ Roberson for Image, Paul is going to be extremely busy for the next year or so. To celebrate the last of his free time for the foreseeable future and to reward those who were fans of his work before he went "big time", Paul is putting on a sale. Half off all of his existing work and $50 commissions!

I've already marked down the prices on Paul's work in the OOSA store. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask about it. Paul has hundreds of pages that aren't listed, but that are still for sale. Artwork from DOGS of Mars, Aqua Leung, Marvel's Strange Tales, the Popgun anthology, the Comic Book Tattoo  anthology, and a bunch of others. So if you want a specific page or image, just shoot me an email and I'll see if it's still available.

For the commissions, it's $50 for a single character done in ink on 8x5 inch paper, plus $5 to ship it (maybe more outside of the US). Again, just send me an email with your request and Paul will get right on it. This is a limited time offer, though, only good until the end of October. After that, Paul will not take any more commissions for a while due to his heavy work load. So if you want one, better take advantage of this opportunity.

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kaBOOMbox Vol. 1 Kickstarter

I'm sure you all know about the Brand New Nostalgia art blog, right? Started by OOSA'a own Andrew MacLean and featuring OOSA artists Logan Faerber and Alexis Ziritt (along with a ton of other talented artists), BNN puts out amazing art every week online. Now, they are taking it to the next level and producing their first anthology: kaBOOMbox Vol. 1.

The book will be 200+ pages and feature new illustrations and comics from 18 international artists and will include work from the entire Out of Step Arts roster. That's right! Toby Cypress, Ming Doyle, Paul Maybury and Greg Ruth have all been invited to contribute art to the book and have graciously accepted!  So, besides the OOSA crew, you'll also get artwork by:

To get this accomplished, the folks behind BNN have started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the $9500 to print the book and they need you to back this project! There are some great incentives available to those who do. Check 'em out and make a contribution! And if you are on the fence about it, just read this write-up about kaBOOMbox and BNN on Or this one here by Robot6 on Or this Interview with Andrew MacLean on

This book is going to be a big deal and I'm so proud to have Out of Step Arts associated with it.

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SPX Wrap-Up

Well, I'm back from my first ever Small Press Expo and what an experience it was! The amount of talent packed into the hotel ballroom was fantastic. I wasn't able to get a table because they sold out so quickly (9 months ago!), but that may have been a good thing. I got to walk around and check out what people brought, see what people were buying and talk to a bunch of people about the OOSA artists. I'll have at table next year for sure though!

It was great hanging out with my roomie and SPX Sherpa, Chris Pitzer. He let me ride his coat tales and I got to go places and meet people that I'm sure I wouldn't have otherwise.



It was also great getting to see OOSA artist Ming Doyle, as well as Nathan Fox, Dave Crosland, and everyone else I talked to, even if it was only for a few minutes.


I was really impressed at the quality of work represented at the show. Whether it was a little photocopied zine or an art book from a major publisher, it seemed like everyone brought their A-game. I picked up a few things for myself. OK, maybe more than "a few".


Aaaannnd, I debuted the OOSA Anniversary Print Set at the show and was even able to present the winner or the Tumblr giveaway contest her set in person, so that was nice.


 All in all, it was a great weekend and I can't wait to go back next year!

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September Calendar of Events

The OOSA artists have a lot going this month. Take a look! September 7thAlexis, Andrew, Logan, Greg, Toby and Paul (along with a bunch of other great indie artists) will all have work in this show and it's all for sale. I'll be there for the opening selling OOSA prints and maybe Anniversary Print Sets. If you're in Richmond, VA, you should definitely come by and say hello.

About the exhibition: In an environment that is permeated with ads and posters for cinematic adaptations of comics, an equal amount of representation for the comic’s originators are rarely seen. The aim of &@$#! is to introduce the craft of the comic creator through the display of original pencil & ink drawings and their “fine art” paintings & illustrations. Audience members ranging from fans of comics to visual & performing arts supporters will be amazed and delighted to erode preconceived notions of what it means to be a comic artist. Their content is not solely driven by spandex wearing heroes and heroines, but to tell a story like the storytellers before them that both delight and educate. 

September 15th

Alexis, Andrew and Logan will participating in the "Battles Without Honor and Humanity" group show at Floating World Comics in Portland, OR.

About the exhibit: This exhibition will be based loosely around yakuza/crime noir films by directors such as Akira Kurosawa, Takeshi “Beat” Kitano, Takeshi Miike, Kinji Fukasaku, Seijun Suzuki, Yukio Mishima, Sogo Ishii and Shinya Tsukamoto. As a genre, yakuza films are divided into two subsets: ninkyo-eiga or “chivarly films” featuring honorable outlaws caught between duty and compassion. Then there is jisturoku-eiga, the modern yakuza films which feature the stifling brutality of a life of crime. The artists and writers in this show will explore and pay homage to this powerful and unique genre. 

September 16-17

Ming Doyle will be attending the Small Press Expo sitting at E10 and selling her wares. I'll be at the show as well, but I'll be mobile. Checking out the sights, as it were, and promoting the OOSA artists.

September 22-23

Alexis Ziritt will be a guest of the Cincinnati Comic Expo. If you're going and you'd like to pre-arrange a commission from him, you can do so here.

Alexis Ziritt, News, SALE!

Alexis Ziritt Commissions

Alexis Ziritt is gearing up for his appearance at the Cincinnati Comic Expo later this month so he is offering a special commission rate to help him make the trip. You can get a 9x12 inked commission for only $50 ONLY $40 for a limited time! And if that's not enough, you'll also get a free color sketch card (artist's choice). If you want to take advantage of this great deal, just get in touch with either me, or Alexis directly, and we'll get you set up.

Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean, Greg Ruth, Logan Faerber, Ming Doyle, News, Paul Maybury, Toby Cypress

OOSA Anniversary Print Set

Well, I've been doing Out of Step Arts for about a year now. What better way to celebrate than to offer some of the special things the OOSA artists have done this year? The OOSA Anniversary Print Set is a limited edition box set of 50. These are precision, two-piece construction boxes designed with a close tolerance to keep out dirt and dust. They have a black paper lining with a white foam backing and a black textured acrylic coated exterior featuring a snazzy OOSA logo.

On the inside, you'll find the 3 collaborative OOSA prints we did to promote Out of Step Arts at our convention appearances this year.

- "Demon Wolf" by Greg Ruth and Logan Faerber - "Unknown World" by Paul Maybury and Alexis Ziritt - "Road Rage" by Toby Cypress and Andrew MacLean

These three prints are 4-color inks on 11x17 inch 100lb. paper with a satin finish.

And exclusively available ONLY in the OOSA Anniversary Print Set:

-"Apathia" by Ming Doyle

This is a print of Ming's painting for the 'Villains and Assassins' show at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin and it is BEAUTIFUL! The print is 4-color inks on 100lb. linen to replicate the texture of the original canvas and measures 11x15.5 inches.

All of the prints are matching numbered and signed by the artists.

I am opening these up for pre-order in the OOSA store since they are not <i>quite</i> ready. I'm still missing a piece of the puzzle. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Logan Faerber, Ming Doyle, News, Paul Maybury, Toby Cypress

Upcoming Gallery Shows

Here are some gallery shows the OOSA artists will be participating in this month. Logan Faerber will have a piece in the "ADVENTURE TIME: A Tribute Show" by OhNo!Doom

C'mon, grab your friends! Chicago collaborative OhNo!Doom invite you to Adventure Time. A tribute show inspired by the hit Cartoon Network™ series, Adventure Time features all-new works by more than 43 international designers, illustrators, and plush artists. Join us in paying honor to Finn, Jake, all their friends and our friends, too, on August 11, 2012, at OhNo!Doom Gallery (1800 N. Milwaukee Ave). It'll be mathematical!

Doors open at 6pm and close 10pm. Food and beverages will be provided by WormHole Coffee and Fritz Pastry. Adventure Time runs from August 11-30, 2012. Please direct all questions or media requests to

Ming Doyle and Toby Cypress will each have a piece in the "VILLAINS & ASSASSINS" show by Strychnin Gallery Berlin.

On August 10th the world‘s most evil, dangerous and depraved characters will reign Strychnin Gallery at the gathering of Villains and Assassins.

These characters constantly engage millions of spectators into a love-hate relationship due to their brilliant but twisted minds, their tragic history or supernatural powers and high-tech equipment.


All of these iconic figures are best known for their remarkable characteristics and obsessions. While some simply enjoy the thrill of the kill, others are just made to execute orders or even torn between what they think they must do by nature but still despise.

No matter what vicious plans and compulsions some of these malicious creatures have, Strychnin Gallery has invited the most eccentric and compelling villains to be showcased for your pleasure. Come and see them until September 9th.

Paul Maybury will have a piece in the "ADVENTURE TIME TRIBUTE" show at Gallery Nucleus.

Come on grab your friends, on August 18th we're going to very distant lands. Specifically to the Land of Ooo, where Jake the Dog and Finn the Human share unpredictable adventures with a cast of characters. Cartoon Network and Nucleus present a totally lumpin' awesome exhibit featuring over thirty truly talented artists paying tribute to the animated series. The roster also includes artists from the series as well as the Kaboom comic book. Stay tuned as we announce more details about artist appearances, contests, and opening night festivities.

The fun will never's Adventure Time!

Logan will have prints of his piece at available at the OhNo!Doom Gallery. Toby has limited EPIC edition prints of his piece available in the OOSA store. And stay tuned to find out how you can get exclusive prints of Ming's piece!

News, Toby Cypress

Toby Cypress Commissions and Epic Edition Prints

Hey folks! It's been a while since I've made an update, but there has been a lot happening behind-the-scenes so look for much more activity here in the next few weeks. First up, though, Toby Cypress is going to take on some commissions during the month of August. But these aren't going to be your typical "Draw me (fill in the blank)". Toby is not interested in doing licensed characters. Instead, he’s looking to create something unique based off of your interests. You would give Toby a list of specific things you like (characters, movies, songs, paintings, etc) and adjectives or feelings you want the commission to portray (dark, funny, sexy, kick-ass, etc.). Toby will incorporate these elements into the piece, but create something totally original.  Prices are as follows (shipping not included):

11x17 inked pieces for $150 11x17 paintings for $300 (a $100 deposit is due up front for the paintings)

If you're interested in getting a commission or have questions about the process, feel free to email me.

Second, Toby is going to be releasing some very limited "EPIC" edition prints through the OOSA store on August 1st. Click on the pictures to purchase them.

"Engine Assassin" Giclee print on watercolor paper 18x24 inches Limited Edition of 10 with serialized holographic stamp and matching signed/numbered COA.

"Thunder Alley" Giclee print on watercolor paper 13x26 inches Limited Edition of 10 with serialized holographic stamp and matching signed/numbered COA.

Heroes Con, News

Post-Heroes Con Wrap-Up

Man, oh, man! Heroes Con was a BLAST! There was so much going on and so many things happened that it's hard to remember them all, much less, write about them. Let me touch on a couple of things, though. The Out of Step Arts Panel Discussion I'm not sure whose idea it was for us to do a panel, but I sure was flattered. That feeling was immediately followed by anxiety, night sweats and visions of empty rooms and awkward silences. But, all of that worry was unnecessary. We had a good size crowd show up, there was lots of discussion with some great comments from the OOSA artists, and there were some good questions from the audience. I talked to several of the people who came and they said  they found it informative and were able to take something away from the talk. Hey, that's what it's all about, right? The coolest thing is that Brandon Clarke (the behind-the-scenes guy from Brand New Nostalgia) caught it on tape, so if you missed it, you can now watch it in the comfort of your own home.

The Heroes Con Fun Run

     The Heroes Con Fun Run was probably my favorite thing from the whole weekend. This was the first year for the run as an official Heroes Con event, so we weren't sure what to expect. Again, the sleepless night before the run thinking about logistics and worst-case scenarios was totally unwarranted. I'd say we had at least 50 people show up at 7:00 in the morning!! That's pretty impressive considering all of the socializing opportunities that were available the night before. There were kids, parents of con-goers, people dressed in costumes, art students, comic pros, and running and comics enthusiasts alike. The best thing was that there were several people who had never run in an organized event like this before. People were actually inspired and trained just so they could run in the Heroes Con Fun Run. That's so great!

For the rest of the convention, I had people swinging by the OOSA booths to pick up their free prints who all talked about what a good time they had and asked if there will be another run next year. With the overwhelming success of this year's run, I would say it's a definite YES.  Other artists even offered to help Eric Canete out with the portfolio reviews for the SCAD students who participate next year. It's a good thing, because Eric was totally booked on Sunday with 10 - 12 30-minute reviews to do.  Way to show up SCAD students!!

A special thanks to Eric Canete for the art donation and the portfolio review offer, Shelton Drum for letting us do this as part of the convention, Rico Renzi for the shirts and the pictures at the run, and all of the other Heroes Con staff and volunteers who woke up early to help give out shirts and water bottles and generally make things go smoothly.

Everything Else


Having (most) all of the OOSA artists together over the weekend was really nice. I got to meet Logan Faerber in person for the first time and I got to know everyone a lot better. I feel that Out of Step Arts was really well received and the show was, overall, a great experience for the artists with some sales, some commissions, and lots of opportunities to network and socialize. One thing that I thought was really special this year (and I hate that neither of us got to see the presentation) was that the Heroes Con Staff all pitched in to get Toby Cypress to paint a picture of Shelton's car as a gift for him celebrating 30 years of putting on the show. What an honor.

As is the case with Heroes Con every year, I met lots of great new folks and got to see several people who I typically only get to catch up with once a year. Good times were had. Thanks so much to everyone at Heroes Con for a great weekend. I will definitely see you next year.