Egg Cream

Liz Suburbia

Liz Suburbia's Egg Cream and the Rise of Czap Books Kickstarter

Liz Suburbia will be continuing her award-winning Sacred Heart story in her new one-person anthology series called Egg Cream with Czap Books! Right now, you have an opportunity to help make this happen. Czap books is running a Kickstarter to fund their 2017 publishing schedule which includes Liz's "Egg Cream", "Witchlight" by Jessi Zabarsky and "Don't Tell Me Not To Worry (I'll Worry All I Want)" by Kelly Kwang. The good news is that the Kickstarter campaign blew the doors off the initial funding goal in the first two days, so it's gonna happen. The better news is that you still have a chance to get lots of great stuff! Click the link to read all about it and to back the project:

And to show our support, OOSA is proud to be teaming up with Czap Books to bring you newly added reward level which will include Liz's new Old VA II t-shirt.

The "Old VA" - $300+

Attention Liz Suburbia super-fans! Starting today, pledge $300 or more and you'll get a super-charged version of our "Lelek" goodie bag tier, including our full 2017 collection, a handful of our previously-released titles, all the merch and the jackpot: print copies of every Liz Suburbia comic we've ever printed, including many that are now long out of print! We're bringing these out of print especially for this Kickstarter, and won't be available otherwise. Out of Step Arts is also donating a handful of their new t-shirts designed by Liz for backers. This is a very special, once in a lifetime opportunity!

Liz Suburbia Minis included:
- IX
- VI