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OOSA at Heroes Con

Whoooo! HEROES CON!!!! The Out of Step Arts crew will be exhibiting at this great show again this year. Paul Maybury, Andrew MacLean, Logan Faerber and Alexis Ziritt will be in Indie Island at tables 1120 - 1123. Ming Doyle will be set up at table 1209. They will all have original art, prints, comics and other sundries like shirts, stickers and sketchbooks. They'll also be doing sketches and commissions so be sure to get on their lists early. And you'll really want to make a point to get there in time to get the following: Alexis Ziritt's Doom Rider t-shirt, Andrew MacLean's Head Lopper comic and Paul Maybury's limited edition Morebury sketchbook.


So what about the rest of the OOSA artists? Well, Toby, Greg and Liz couldn't make it to the show so I'll be set up with the guys in Indie Island with a bunch of their things like original art, signed copies of Rodd Racer from Toby and a bunch of Liz's zines (also signed). I'll also be debuting the OOSA tees with designs by Toby and Liz!!!


And if that's not enough, we're going to be part of a panel discussion on Saturday with the Brand New Nostalgia artists. Come hear them talk about the upcoming kaBOOMbox Vol. 1 Anthology and the individual projects they're working on. It's going to be a good time.