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SPX Wrap-Up

Well, I'm back from my first ever Small Press Expo and what an experience it was! The amount of talent packed into the hotel ballroom was fantastic. I wasn't able to get a table because they sold out so quickly (9 months ago!), but that may have been a good thing. I got to walk around and check out what people brought, see what people were buying and talk to a bunch of people about the OOSA artists. I'll have at table next year for sure though!

It was great hanging out with my roomie and SPX Sherpa, Chris Pitzer. He let me ride his coat tales and I got to go places and meet people that I'm sure I wouldn't have otherwise.



It was also great getting to see OOSA artist Ming Doyle, as well as Nathan Fox, Dave Crosland, and everyone else I talked to, even if it was only for a few minutes.


I was really impressed at the quality of work represented at the show. Whether it was a little photocopied zine or an art book from a major publisher, it seemed like everyone brought their A-game. I picked up a few things for myself. OK, maybe more than "a few".


Aaaannnd, I debuted the OOSA Anniversary Print Set at the show and was even able to present the winner or the Tumblr giveaway contest her set in person, so that was nice.


 All in all, it was a great weekend and I can't wait to go back next year!