Andrew MacLean, News

Please welcome Andrew MacLean

Andrew MacLean is a go-getter.  I had barely put out my Out of Step Arts shingle when he was at my door looking to sign up.  In all honesty, I just wasn't ready to take on any artists I wasn't familiar with and was drafting my "Thanks, but no thanks" response....but then I looked at his art.  I was immediately intrigued.  His style was reminiscent of a lot of artists I like, but it was still like nothing I had seen before.  Andrew has an uncanny ability to put design into his art.  So after a few month of keeping an eye on him and seeing his positive attitude, work ethic and desire to create all kinds of art, I knew he would be a great fit here. Go take a look at his profile page to see some of his work and find out more about him.