Liz Suburbia

Liz Suburbia Joins the OOSA Crew

Liz is the most punk rock comic artist around and it bleeds straight through into her work. She writes and draws comics about misguided youth, sex, partying, sex, drinking, sex…. oh, and her dogs. It may sound crass and juvenile, and maybe some of it is in a fun way, but Liz’s comics tackle these subjects with maturity and feeling; using them as a vehicle to let you better relate with the characters. Liz also puts a lot of herself in her stories and it shows. The main reason why I was drawn to her comics and asked her to be part of the OOSA crew was because I felt like I had a good understanding of her as a person and an artist just from reading her work. That, and I love her style!!! I think it really compliments the rest of the artists in the Out of Step Arts collective while remaining uniquely her own. I’m really pleased to have her involved.

So, check out her profile here on the OOSA site, read her online comic SACRED HEART, and follow her on Tumblr and Twitter. You'll be glad you did.