The OOSA Crew will be back at Heroes Con again this year and teaming up with the Albatross Exploding Funny Book gang to take over an entire block!

We'll have a couple of debuts at the show, including Paul Maybury's new PLAYBURY sketchbook and his new comic "A New Terror". Chris Visions did a special Heroes Con cover for BABY TEETH #1 that will only be available at the show, so don't miss that. We'll also have a limited edition print set from Vanesa R. Del Rey which contains three 13"x17" signed/numbered giclee prints and an original sketch, all in a special printed envelope for $150. Plus, the group will have original art, comics, prints, shirts and more!

You can drop by the booths and see us any time during the weekend, but we'll also be on a few panels. Here is the schedule:

5:00 PM
Room 207D
was founded by Neil Bramlette to support and promote emerging and established artists who are not only interested in working in comics, but also have interests in other forms of visual art cultures, story development and printed matter. From mainstream to DIY/Indi comics, editorial illustration to concept development, animation and beyond - Join NATHAN FOX, ANDREW MACLEAN, ALEXIS ZIRITT, PAUL MAYBURY, LOGAN FAERBER, CHRIS VISIONS, and VANESSA DEL REY for a conversation with OOSA artists about how they defined their unique voices, maintain their art practice and get a rare glimpse into their craft, process and contribution as professional storytellers and myth makers.

2:00 PM
Room 206
Comics are not created in a vacuum. They hold up mirrors to ourselves and our society. MICHAEL KOBRE, Professor in the English Department of Queens University, and NATHAN FOX, Chair of MFA Visual Narrative at SVA, bring their diverse backgrounds to the table as we discuss how comic books provide a unique platform to show social issues and perhaps bring about social change. Moderated by the creator of the Teaching Comics Series: SHAWN DAUGHHETEE

2:15-3:00 PM
HEROES BOOTH 1408/1410
DONNY CATES and CHRIS VISIONS will be signing copies of the exclusive HEROESCON special variant of BABYTEETH #1 available only at the HEROES Booth 1408/1410

5:00 PM
Room 207D
Join Adam Daughhetee from the Dollar Bin as he talks to the minds behind Albatross Funnybooks: ERIC POWELL, LOGAN FAERBER, STEVE MANNION, FABIAN RANGEL JR., and JAKE SMITH

12:00 PM
Room 206
With interests in comics and comics’ culture reaching new heights, and the convention scene exploding, many of the industry’s creators have turned to merchandising their art and ideas to create a broader, more resilient income stream. Join Jason Wood (11 O’Clock Comics podcast) in a discussion with four of the industry’s most innovative merchandisers ANDREW MACLEAN, RICO RENZI, JIM MAHFOOD, and SARAH DYER to discuss how they’ve monetized their artistic efforts beyond the comic book page. 

1:30 PM
Room 203A
Chris Brennaman (www.atlantageekscene.com) talks about the challenges and rewards of self-publishing with a handful of talented entrepreneurs: ALEXIS ZIRITT, ERIC POWELL, ULISES FARINAS, CHRIS PITZER, KAMIKAZEE, and CHARLES FORSMAN

3:00 PM
Room 206
Last year, we argued for over two hours about the need for a Comics Canon and what comics and creators belong. We got nowhere and it was a blast. This year we are tackling Books ABOUT COMICS. What are the ESSENTIAL—Historical Anthologies, Biographies, Analytical Essays, Histories, How-to, BOOKS on the subject of COMICS? Join moderator Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter) and our resident brain trust: CRAIG FISCHER (Appalachian State) NATHAN FOX (SVA) DANIEL YEZBICK (St. Louis CC), AARON KASHTAN (UNC Charlotte) and MICHAEL KOBRE (Queens). AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION IS A MUST!!! This is a GREAT way to end a weekend filled with Comics love!