Chris Visions to Undergo Eye Surgery


You may have heard that Chris Visions will be undergoing eye surgery to repair a damaged cornea due to a degenerative eye disease (Keratoconus). That's not ideal for an artist to have to go through, but the good news is that he's already scheduled for the surgery at the end of the month and that, thanks to the kindness of friends, family and fans, Chris was able to raise the money he needed to cover the $6400 deductible so his insurance will cover the rest! 

Since Chris will be out of commission for a while after the surgery while his eye heals, we've added a bunch of his work to the OOSA Print Shop for a limited time for you to purchase. 100% of the proceeds will go to assist Chris during his recovery. (Same goes for any of Chris' original art sold during this time.) Thanks in advance for your support!