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Liz Suburbia

Liz Suburbia's Egg Cream and the Rise of Czap Books Kickstarter

Liz Suburbia will be continuing her award-winning Sacred Heart story in her new one-person anthology series called Egg Cream with Czap Books! Right now, you have an opportunity to help make this happen. Czap books is running a Kickstarter to fund their 2017 publishing schedule which includes Liz's "Egg Cream", "Witchlight" by Jessi Zabarsky and "Don't Tell Me Not To Worry (I'll Worry All I Want)" by Kelly Kwang. The good news is that the Kickstarter campaign blew the doors off the initial funding goal in the first two days, so it's gonna happen. The better news is that you still have a chance to get lots of great stuff! Click the link to read all about it and to back the project:

And to show our support, OOSA is proud to be teaming up with Czap Books to bring you newly added reward level which will include Liz's new Old VA II t-shirt.

The "Old VA" - $300+

Attention Liz Suburbia super-fans! Starting today, pledge $300 or more and you'll get a super-charged version of our "Lelek" goodie bag tier, including our full 2017 collection, a handful of our previously-released titles, all the merch and the jackpot: print copies of every Liz Suburbia comic we've ever printed, including many that are now long out of print! We're bringing these out of print especially for this Kickstarter, and won't be available otherwise. Out of Step Arts is also donating a handful of their new t-shirts designed by Liz for backers. This is a very special, once in a lifetime opportunity!

Liz Suburbia Minis included:
- IX
- VI

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Fantagraphics to Publish Liz Suburbia's SACRED HEART

SacredHeartCoverSo the big news was released at this year's San Diego Comic Con that indie powerhouse publisher Fantagraphics will be publishing Liz's online comic SACRED HEART in its entirety as a 300+ page book. SACRED HEART will join the ranks of other publications such as Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree, Los Bros. Hernandez's Love and Rockets, Charles Shulz's Peanuts and a slew of other quality and award winning books. And even though you can read the first part of SACRED HEART online, Liz will be redrawing the entire book from scratch so it's quite an undertaking. You can read this interview on Robot6 to find out more about the book.  You can also follow her on instagram, where she posts the occasional art update or process pic like these:


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Cincy ComiCon and SPX: Two FANTASTIC Shows!

September has been pretty amazing as far as comic shows go. First, I went with Alexis Ziritt to the Cincy ComiCon. It was the con's inaugural show, but you never would have known it. The organizers were well...uh, organized (duh) and the volunteers were super attentive to the exhibitors and attendees. You could really tell that they had put a lot of thought into the show based on past experiences (good and bad) they had either as guests, exhibitors, or attendees themselves. CincyIt was a 3-day convention, which is a big undertaking for your first time putting on a show. Friday was only open to "VIP" guests who supported the kickstarter campaign and it was only open for about 4 hours. It was a soft opening with a small crowd. This might not have been to good for some of the exhibitors, but this is the type of thing that comics enthusiasts and collectors love. A first crack at getting the best stuff. I expect word will get out and this will be a more utilized option in the following years. Saturday and Sunday were more typical of what you'd expect attendance-wise with Saturday actually getting pretty crowded. On the social/activity side, the con offered a drink and draw event at The Hall of Justice's museum Friday night and an art auction on Saturday night. Both were a good time. The D&D at the museum was a nice environment to hold the event. HOJLots of interesting stuff to look at in between conversations and lots of little areas to hang out and chat. It was also spread out so you didn't have to yell to be heard or strain to hear over crowd noise. The auction was a small, but active group. The auctioneer and host (Kara Moore) kept things moving at a good pace so you weren't "stuck" there all night. This is important if you want to bid on one of the items that comes at the end of the night. There were quality pieces available in the auction from some big name artists, too. The prices were good with a real steal or two, as well. Again, once word gets out about the auction in the collector community, this event will only get better.

I had a good time and got to meet a bunch of new people. I look forward to going back again next year's show (for which they have already booked a larger space).

So after hosting Alexis at my house for a few days, homewe trekked up to Bethesda, MD to meet Toby Cypress, Andrew MacLean and his wife Erin for SPX. None of us had ever exhibited at SPX before, and I was the only one who had ever even been to the show (once last year). I was a little worried on how OOSA would be received since we do more of what might be considered "mainstream" type comics. I felt we might be kind of atypical for the show and thusly looked over. In actuality, that couldn't have been further from the fact. Everyone was fantastic! Lots of people were aware of Andrew, Alexis and Toby's work already and even those who weren't gave their stuff a good look. Our location in the corner was great, too. I was a little concerned about being out of the main thoroughfare and how that might affect our traffic (and sales), but we had lots of space for us behind the tables and it turned out the space provided a nice relaxing area for the attendees to get out of the crowded pathways SPX boothand have an unhurried look and a nice chat with the artists. We all had a great show and sold lots of books, prints and shirts. Liz Suburbia was sitting with Kevin Czap at the show, but came over to visit a few times. She got to meet the other OOSA artists and take a break from the crowds. It made me happy to have the group together, but it made me wish the rest of the OOSA artists could be there too. Maybe next year.

It was a great time outside of the expo's business hours as well. It's always great to catch up with folks that I only get to see a couple of times a year, meet new and interesting people, and rub elbows with comics all-stars. I could do some major name-dropping... but I won't. I'll just say I was in amazing company all weekend long. But that's SPX in a nutshell i guess, isn't it?

SPX groupSo, thanks to everyone that came to see us at CIncy ComiCon and SPX. And if you took the time to check out our stuff or talk with us about whatever, it is certainly appreciated. I know I enjoyed every minute of it.

See you next time!

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OOSA T-shirts are here!

If you follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (which you should be doing, btw), then you have heard talk and seen teases of the OOSA t-shirts to be debuted at Heroes Con next month. Well, they are now available for pre-order in the store at a special price for a limited time with free shipping in the US and Canada. You know, just in case you can't make it to Heroes Con. 

These shirts feature original designs by Liz Suburbia and Toby Cypress and are printed on premium fitted Next Level Apparel tees using a discharge process so the shirts are super soft. This is a limited edition run of 200 for each design and they will not be reprinted. Once they're gone, they're gone! Click here to get yours.

Toby Shirts

Sub tees Gray


Liz Suburbia

Liz Suburbia Joins the OOSA Crew

Liz is the most punk rock comic artist around and it bleeds straight through into her work. She writes and draws comics about misguided youth, sex, partying, sex, drinking, sex…. oh, and her dogs. It may sound crass and juvenile, and maybe some of it is in a fun way, but Liz’s comics tackle these subjects with maturity and feeling; using them as a vehicle to let you better relate with the characters. Liz also puts a lot of herself in her stories and it shows. The main reason why I was drawn to her comics and asked her to be part of the OOSA crew was because I felt like I had a good understanding of her as a person and an artist just from reading her work. That, and I love her style!!! I think it really compliments the rest of the artists in the Out of Step Arts collective while remaining uniquely her own. I’m really pleased to have her involved.

So, check out her profile here on the OOSA site, read her online comic SACRED HEART, and follow her on Tumblr and Twitter. You'll be glad you did.