And the newest OOSA artists is... Rebecca Kirby!


It's funny how things work out sometimes. As you know, Rebecca was our guest artist at SPX last month, but she wasn't the first person I asked to take the spot. She was the first to be able to make it given the short notice, though. And in asking her to be our guest at the show, it wasn't my intention to recruit her for OOSA, even though I love her art and had been keeping my eye on her career for a while. Her guest appearance at SPX wasn't a trial run or anything pre-planned. Heck, I hadn't even ever emailed her, talked to her, or met her in person prior to that. But, as soon as she got set up at the show, I knew she would be an awesome addition to the crew. She had worked really hard to create several new comics and prints in the short time she had to prepare for SPX, had a killer show (her first time doing a show that large), AND she took up with everyone immediately like she had known them for years (as did everyone with her). I ended up talking to the other OOSA artists who were there at the show over the weekend about having her join OOSA and they were all for it. We ended up inviting her to become part of the collective at dinner after the show on Sunday night.

File_000 (6).jpeg

Just like all of the OOSA artists, Rebecca has a strong, unique style that can be appreciated across a wide variety of art/comics enthusiasts, a great work ethic and a positive personality. She has a really promising future in comics with secret things already in the works, and brings a wonderful energy with her that is evident both in her art and when you meet her in person. I'm excited to be working with her and for you all to get to know her.

Click HERE to check out Rebecca's OOSA bio page to learn more about her, see samples of her work, and find links to follow her online. We'll be adding prints, comics and other items to the store soon.