Store Temporarily Closed


Hey Folks! The online store is going to be closed for a while because I’m moving. And since we need to do some work on our house and then list it for sale, I need to pack everything up. Once we get settled in our new place, OOSA will be back open for business.

In the meantime, a lot of the artists will be selling things on their own websites and traveling around the country going to conventions where you can pick stuff up as well. Click on the artists’ profiles to get links to their individual sites and social media accounts to get updates.

See you all on the other side!

And the newest OOSA artists are...


Well, they're a couple of people you're already sort of familiar with if you've been visiting the site for a while, but I'm no less excited to welcome Vanesa R. Del Rey and Steve Mannion to the OOSA family!! We've been working with Steve and Vanesa through the OOSA Print Shop for some time, but now we are going to offer their original art as well (coming soon) and make them official members of the collective. And what better time to welcome them aboard than at Heroes Con.

That's right! Vanesa and Steve will be hanging with Paul Maybury, Nathan Fox, Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean and myself in the 1000 block of Artist Alley June 15-17. Be sure to come by to say hello and give them a proper welcome.


And the award goes to...

Award nominations are being announced and the OOSA/Print Shop artists have been fortunate enough to snag a couple!


Rosemary Valero-O'Connell was nominated for two Eisner Awards for her one-shot comic What Is Left; "Best Single Issue/One-Shot" and "Best Coloring". 

(Click for more info on the Eisner Awards)


Greg Ruth was nominated for a Spectrum Award in the "Advertising" category for his Moonrise piece. (UPDATE: won Gold Spectrum Award!)

(Click for more info on the Spectrum Awards)


Alexis Ziritt was nominated for a Dinky Award in the "Best Work From A Mid/Large Press" category for his work on Tarantula

(Click for more info on the Dinky Awards

OOSA Print Shop artists Jeffrey Alan Love and Charles Vess were both nominated for Locus Awards. Jeffrey was recognized for his work on Norse Myths: Tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki in the "Art Book" category, and Charles was nominated for "Best Artist"!

(Click for more info on the Locus Awards)


Congrats on the well-deserved recognition! 

OOSA on the Road

The OOSA artists will be out and about this weekend (April 7th and 8th). Here's where you can find us!


Liz Suburbia, Kirby, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Nathan Fox, Toby Cypress and myself will be at the Society of Illustrator's MoCCA Fest in NYC at tables J285-286.



Logan Faerber will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in California


Alexis Ziritt and Andrew MacLean will be at C2E2 in Chicago at tables G7 and G8.


Since I'll be out of town, I'm going to shut down the store for a week or so. And with a little luck, I'll have some new stuff available once we open it back up again (wink, wink). Stay tuned!

Chris Visions to Undergo Eye Surgery


You may have heard that Chris Visions will be undergoing eye surgery to repair a damaged cornea due to a degenerative eye disease (Keratoconus). That's not ideal for an artist to have to go through, but the good news is that he's already scheduled for the surgery at the end of the month and that, thanks to the kindness of friends, family and fans, Chris was able to raise the money he needed to cover the $6400 deductible so his insurance will cover the rest! 

Since Chris will be out of commission for a while after the surgery while his eye heals, we've added a bunch of his work to the OOSA Print Shop for a limited time for you to purchase. 100% of the proceeds will go to assist Chris during his recovery. (Same goes for any of Chris' original art sold during this time.) Thanks in advance for your support! 

Master Fantasy Artists Charles Vess Joins the OOSA Print Shop


The highly regarded and world-renowned fantasy artist Charles Vess will now be offering giclee prints through the OOSA Print Shop. Charles is most prominently known for his collaborations with authors and poets such as Neil Gaiman, Charles De Lint, and Ursula K. le Guin, among others. Charles has also done illustrations for Marvel, DC, and numerous other publications. Over the years, Charles has been awarded multiple Spectrum, Eisner and World Fantasy Awards and is truly an master in his filed. It's a great honor to be working with him.

(It's also super convenient that his studio is only a few miles from my house.)  

And the newest OOSA artists is... Rebecca Kirby!


It's funny how things work out sometimes. As you know, Rebecca was our guest artist at SPX last month, but she wasn't the first person I asked to take the spot. She was the first to be able to make it given the short notice, though. And in asking her to be our guest at the show, it wasn't my intention to recruit her for OOSA, even though I love her art and had been keeping my eye on her career for a while. Her guest appearance at SPX wasn't a trial run or anything pre-planned. Heck, I hadn't even ever emailed her, talked to her, or met her in person prior to that. But, as soon as she got set up at the show, I knew she would be an awesome addition to the crew. She had worked really hard to create several new comics and prints in the short time she had to prepare for SPX, had a killer show (her first time doing a show that large), AND she took up with everyone immediately like she had known them for years (as did everyone with her). I ended up talking to the other OOSA artists who were there at the show over the weekend about having her join OOSA and they were all for it. We ended up inviting her to become part of the collective at dinner after the show on Sunday night.

File_000 (6).jpeg

Just like all of the OOSA artists, Rebecca has a strong, unique style that can be appreciated across a wide variety of art/comics enthusiasts, a great work ethic and a positive personality. She has a really promising future in comics with secret things already in the works, and brings a wonderful energy with her that is evident both in her art and when you meet her in person. I'm excited to be working with her and for you all to get to know her.

Click HERE to check out Rebecca's OOSA bio page to learn more about her, see samples of her work, and find links to follow her online. We'll be adding prints, comics and other items to the store soon. 

SPX 2017!!!


SPX 2017 is less than a month away, but we're already getting excited about it! As you've probably heard, Alexis Ziritt (Space Riders, Tarantula) is going to be a special guest of the show this year, so I'm sure he'll be involved in the (as of yet unannounced) programming. We'll keep you posted as to topics and times once they're released.

Also appearing at the OOSA booth will be:
  -  Head Lopper and ApocalyptiGirl artist/writer Andrew MacLean
  -  Illustrator and the School of Visual Arts MFAVN program Chair Nathan Fox
  -  Artist for the upcoming "Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me" and "Black Sun Rising"
     Rosemary Valero-O'Connell with her new comic "What is Left"
  -  And appearing at SPX for his first time, comic book creator Paul Maybury with his new comic
    "A New Terror"

We are also super excited to have Rebecca Kirby as a special guest at our table! Rebecca has done a pinups for Andrew MacLean's Head Lopper, Farel Dalrymple's new comic Proxima Centauri, and others, as well as her own zines and comics. Be sure you check out her work on Instagram (@reweki), in her shop, and of course at the OOSA booth at SPX September 16-17!! 

OOSA artist Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart, Cyanide Milkshake, Egg Cream) will also be at the show sitting with our friends at Czap Books, so be sure to swing by and visit them.

We'll be at our usual spot on the convention floor in the corner (W44-46). More details are on the way so stay tuned!!

SDCC Special Guest Liz Suburbia

That's right! OOSA artist Liz Suburbia will be a special guest at this year's San Diego International Comic Con July 19-23. She'll mostly be hanging out at the Fantagraphics booth #1721 (publisher of her book SACRED HEART), but she will also be doing some panels. Here is her schedule:

Thursday July 20, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Room 9
The best comics lure you into their worlds with magic, myth, minutiae, and more. It can be the smallest detail that changes you from a reader to an active participant in the story. Vince Hernandez (Aspen Comics) trades worldbuilding secrets with master storytellers Marjorie Liu (Monstress), Roxane Gay(Black Panther: World of Wakanda), Dustin Nguyen (Descender), Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart), and Marguerite Bennett (InSeXts).

Friday July 21, 2017 11:30am - 12:30pm
Room 24ABC
Cartoonists and special guests Simon Hanselmann (Megahex) and Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart) discuss their cartooning careers and the best practices for transitioning your stories to a physical format. Hear from award-winning cartoonists about the pros and cons of web versus print, tips for getting work noticed, and where to go after you make the jump. Moderated by editor Eric Reynolds.

Sunday July 23, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm
Room 4
Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart, Cyanide Milkshake) sits down to discuss her work and influences with artist and publisher Kevin Czap (Czap Books, Füchi Perf), followed by a Q&A session.

Sunday July 23rd 12:15 – 1:45 p.m.  
Room 5AB
Celebrate creative freedom by seeing art made right before your eyes! The CBLDF Live Art Jam brings together a panel of comics artists, including acclaimed creator of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, Sonny Liew; award-winning March artist Nate Powell; New York Times bestselling artist Chris Burnham; zine and webcomics revolutionary Liz Suburbia, and other special guests who will make art on the spot and share their perspectives on censorship and the creative process. Watch live art being created, learn about censorship, and bid to win the pieces made during the panel! All proceeds benefit the important free speech work of CBLDF.

New releases today!

We have a couple of exciting things happening today (6/23)!

At 1:00pm EST, we will be releasing Vanesa R. Del Rey's HEART EATER limited edition print sets. Each of the 25 sets contains three signed/numbered 13x17" giclee prints and an original drawing, all in a custom printed envelope for $150. The prints will be in the OOSA Print Shop HERE.

Then at Midnight, we will be adding over 100 pages of Alexis Ziritt's original art for TARANTULA and SPACE RIDERS: GALAXY OF BRUTALITY to the store! Those pages will be listed in the "Newly Added" section HERE.

And don't forget that we only have limited quantities of Paul Maybury's A NEW TERROR ashcan and PLAYBURY sketchbook, so hurry and grab your copy before thy're gone!


The OOSA Crew will be back at Heroes Con again this year and teaming up with the Albatross Exploding Funny Book gang to take over an entire block!

We'll have a couple of debuts at the show, including Paul Maybury's new PLAYBURY sketchbook and his new comic "A New Terror". Chris Visions did a special Heroes Con cover for BABY TEETH #1 that will only be available at the show, so don't miss that. We'll also have a limited edition print set from Vanesa R. Del Rey which contains three 13"x17" signed/numbered giclee prints and an original sketch, all in a special printed envelope for $150. Plus, the group will have original art, comics, prints, shirts and more!

You can drop by the booths and see us any time during the weekend, but we'll also be on a few panels. Here is the schedule:

5:00 PM
Room 207D
was founded by Neil Bramlette to support and promote emerging and established artists who are not only interested in working in comics, but also have interests in other forms of visual art cultures, story development and printed matter. From mainstream to DIY/Indi comics, editorial illustration to concept development, animation and beyond - Join NATHAN FOX, ANDREW MACLEAN, ALEXIS ZIRITT, PAUL MAYBURY, LOGAN FAERBER, CHRIS VISIONS, and VANESSA DEL REY for a conversation with OOSA artists about how they defined their unique voices, maintain their art practice and get a rare glimpse into their craft, process and contribution as professional storytellers and myth makers.

2:00 PM
Room 206
Comics are not created in a vacuum. They hold up mirrors to ourselves and our society. MICHAEL KOBRE, Professor in the English Department of Queens University, and NATHAN FOX, Chair of MFA Visual Narrative at SVA, bring their diverse backgrounds to the table as we discuss how comic books provide a unique platform to show social issues and perhaps bring about social change. Moderated by the creator of the Teaching Comics Series: SHAWN DAUGHHETEE

2:15-3:00 PM
HEROES BOOTH 1408/1410
DONNY CATES and CHRIS VISIONS will be signing copies of the exclusive HEROESCON special variant of BABYTEETH #1 available only at the HEROES Booth 1408/1410

5:00 PM
Room 207D
Join Adam Daughhetee from the Dollar Bin as he talks to the minds behind Albatross Funnybooks: ERIC POWELL, LOGAN FAERBER, STEVE MANNION, FABIAN RANGEL JR., and JAKE SMITH

12:00 PM
Room 206
With interests in comics and comics’ culture reaching new heights, and the convention scene exploding, many of the industry’s creators have turned to merchandising their art and ideas to create a broader, more resilient income stream. Join Jason Wood (11 O’Clock Comics podcast) in a discussion with four of the industry’s most innovative merchandisers ANDREW MACLEAN, RICO RENZI, JIM MAHFOOD, and SARAH DYER to discuss how they’ve monetized their artistic efforts beyond the comic book page. 

1:30 PM
Room 203A
Chris Brennaman ( talks about the challenges and rewards of self-publishing with a handful of talented entrepreneurs: ALEXIS ZIRITT, ERIC POWELL, ULISES FARINAS, CHRIS PITZER, KAMIKAZEE, and CHARLES FORSMAN

3:00 PM
Room 206
Last year, we argued for over two hours about the need for a Comics Canon and what comics and creators belong. We got nowhere and it was a blast. This year we are tackling Books ABOUT COMICS. What are the ESSENTIAL—Historical Anthologies, Biographies, Analytical Essays, Histories, How-to, BOOKS on the subject of COMICS? Join moderator Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter) and our resident brain trust: CRAIG FISCHER (Appalachian State) NATHAN FOX (SVA) DANIEL YEZBICK (St. Louis CC), AARON KASHTAN (UNC Charlotte) and MICHAEL KOBRE (Queens). AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION IS A MUST!!! This is a GREAT way to end a weekend filled with Comics love!


TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place in 2017 at Toronto Reference Library and the surrounding Bloor/Yonge neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators, which culminates in a two-day exhibition and vendor fair featuring hundreds of comics creators from around the world. Other Festival events include readings, interviews, panels, workshops, gallery shows, art installations, and much more. 

OOSA artists Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean and Rosemary Valero-O'Connell will be there taking part in the festivities (although Rosemary won't be tabling). Be sure you catch Alexis and Andrew's panels on Saturday.

Learning Centre, Toronto Reference Library

  • 10:00AM – Aesthetics of Sci-Fi – We can all agree that robots are the future…but what’s that going to look like? When we upload our consciouses into the cloud, what will we see? What about those trippy parts from 2001? Come and listen to some of the most stylish creators in sci-fi talk about not only the amazing advances that the future holds, but also what it’ll look like when we get there!Panelists: Wren McDonald, Ben Sears, Alexis Ziritt, Kelly Kwang, Beatrix Urkowitz. Moderator: Sloane Leong.

Masonic Temple, 888 Yonge St

  • 02:45 PM – Image 25th: Designing New Worlds – Magical Monsters! Terrific Technologies! Alien Alternatives! When the realy world isn’t big enough for your ideas, sometimes you’ve got to build your own! Join Jamie McKelvie, Sloane Leong, Simon Roy, and Andrew MacLean as they discuss what it takes to design a whole new world to contain your stories.


Spring Convention Appearances

Catch the OOSA artists out and about at your favorite comics gatherings this spring!

FAN EXPO DALLAS - March 31 - April 2
Paul Maybury

MoCCA - April 1-2
Greg Ruth
Nathan Fox (MFAVN table)

DINK - April 8-9
Andrew MacLean

C2E2 - April 21-23
Alexis Ziritt
Andrew MacLean
Chris Visions
Logan Faerber (w/ Fabian Rangel Jr.)

TCAF - May 13-14
Alexis Ziritt
Andrew MacLean
Rosemary Valero-O'Connell (not tabling) 


Head Lopper wins 2016 Diamond Gem Award


Andrew MacLean's HEAD LOPPER from Image Comics (colored by Mike Spicer) won a Diamond Gem Award for Indie Graphic Novel of the Year for 2016! A panel of Diamond product specialists selected the nominees for the Diamond Gem Awards based on each entry’s overall impact on the industry, while comics and related merchandise were chosen on the merits of their sales performance and quality from 2016. Members of the most critical segment that serves the comic book-buying public--comic book specialty retailers across the United States and worldwide--then selected the winners. (So it's kind of a big deal)

Congratulations, Andrew!

A few books to look forward to from the OOSA artists in 2017

Keep your eyes peeled for these books and more from the OOSA artists in 2017!

EGG CREAM by Liz Suburbia for Czap Books

EGG CREAM by Liz Suburbia for Czap Books

TARANTULA  by Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel Jr. for AdHouse

TARANTULA  by Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel Jr. for AdHouse

SPACE RIDERS: GALXY OF BRUTALITY by Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel Jr. for Black Mask

SPACE RIDERS: GALXY OF BRUTALITY by Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel Jr. for Black Mask

LAND OF THE DEAD by Toby Cypress and Brian McDonald for First Second Books

LAND OF THE DEAD by Toby Cypress and Brian McDonald for First Second Books

HEAD LOPPER: IN THE SHADOW OF THE TOWER by Andrew MacLean for Image Comics

HEAD LOPPER: IN THE SHADOW OF THE TOWER by Andrew MacLean for Image Comics

'NAMWOLF by Logan Faerber and Fabian Rangel Jr. for Albatros Funny Books

'NAMWOLF by Logan Faerber and Fabian Rangel Jr. for Albatros Funny Books

A NEW TERROR by Paul Maybury

A NEW TERROR by Paul Maybury

OLD TURTLE: QUESTIONS OF THE HEART by Greg Ruth and Douglas Wood for Scholastic

OLD TURTLE: QUESTIONS OF THE HEART by Greg Ruth and Douglas Wood for Scholastic

LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME by Rosemary Valero O’Connell and Mariko Tamaki for First Second Books

LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME by Rosemary Valero O’Connell and Mariko Tamaki for First Second Books

Bigger and Better in 2017

We've upgraded our printing capabilities for the OOSA Print Shop for 2017!! With our new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000, we'll now be able to print images up to 24" wide. This will give us opportunities to make some really special and unique giclee prints that all of the artists in the Print Shop are really excited about. Of course, we'll still be offering the 8.5x11, 11x17 and 13x19 print sizes that you're used to getting from us, as well. Look for our first foray into the larger sizes in January. 

The Print Shop will be transitioning over to the new printer during the next few weeks. As a result, we won't be printing any new prints until after January 1st. The shop will still be open for purchases, just be aware some orders may be delayed.

And don't forget that all of Chris Visions' prints will be wiped clean at the end of the year in order to make room for new work planned for the new year. Use the code "CLEAN SLATE" at checkout to get 10% off of all orders of $50 or more of Chris' prints. Click below to see what's available.