Liz Suburbia is an Army brat born during the Reagan years who came of age in the DC punk scene. She's the artist and writer behind the sensational comic Sacred Heart from Fantagraphics, as well as a contributor to anthologies like Puppyteeth and As You Were. Liz has also self-published a number of minicomics, as well as the zine series Cyanide Milkshake, soon to be collected by Gimme Action Press. New installments of Sacred Heart (and more!) will be released by Czap Books in Liz's upcoming one-person annual magazine Egg Cream. She cites artistic influences like Los Bros. Hernandez, Mike Mignola, Carla Speed McNeil, Sophie Campbell, Kyoko Okazaki, and Jamie Hewlett, but her style is all her own. 

Liz is a recipient of a 2016 Alex Award for Sacred Heart, which was listed as a top 10 Graphic Novel for Teens by the Young Adult Library Services Association. 

INSTAGRAM: @lizsuburbia
WEB: www.lizsuburbia.com