Andrew's style emerges from a mush of artists like Mike Mignola, Gabriel Ba, Rafael Grampa, James Harren, Paul Pope, and Jack Kirby to form a life of its own. He has a very cinematic approach to storytelling, drawing on influence from filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick.

Andrew is rapidly getting the attention of the comic industry through his various projects. His most recent being HEAD LOPPER, which he is also writing. He also lays claim to these titles: Practically A God (written and drawn), Samurai Billy, Stray Dog County, Rogue Lawman (Image), Meatspace, Department O, & Colonial Souls. Andrew has published some of his own stories, SNIP SNIP and ApacalyptiGirl, thought Dark Horse, and will be releasing new issues of Head Lopper with Image quarterly

TWITTER: @Andrew_MacLean
INSTAGRAM: @andrewmaclean
WEB: www.laserwolfattack.com