Toby Cypress, a graduate of the Joe Kubert Art School, has been working hard making a name for himself with his distinct artistic style for years. Toby has done commercial illustration, storyboarding and graphic design for companies like Nike and Tokyo Pop, and he’s worked on projects from just about every major comic book publisher including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and IDW.  While he continues to do freelance work for others, he’s also started his own publishing label, PUNKROCK JAZZ, to create and publish his own stories that reflect his love of genre films, music and Saturday morning cartoons.  His first self-published book, RODD RACER, has sold out of two limited release printings and was reprinted by Image Comics for a wider distribution. Toby has worked on Blue Estate from Image comics along side artists Robert Valley and Nathan Fox, The Ride for 12 Gauge Comics, and The White Suits written by Frank Barbiere for Dark Horse Comics. He has also done alternate covers for DC's series The Omega Men and provided the interior artwork for issue #4. He’s currently working on a couple of projects including Land of the Dead with Brian McDonald for First Second, as well as RETCON with Matt Nixon and GRAVEDIGGERS UNION with Wes Craig for Image Comics.

TWITTER: @punkrockjazz
INSTAGRAM: @punkrockjazz