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New OOSA prints for Heroes Con

A while ago, I had asked the OOSA artists to team up to create some one-of-a-kind prints to showcase the talent at Out of Step Arts. If you'll recall, Greg Ruth and Logan Faerber did an amazing job on their print that was debuted at Spectrum LIVE! last month.

Well now, the other prints are ready to be revealed and will be debuted at Heroes Con next week.

Andrew MacLean and Toby Cypress worked together to create a futuristic world where the ladies rule the road.

Alexis Ziritt and Paul Maybury teamed up on this ultimate team-up comic cover: "Unknown World".


We'll have all of these prints, along with the original art, for sale at the OOSA tables in Indie Island (522-527). The prints are 4 color inks on 11 x 17 100 lb "silk" paper and only cost $10 each or $25 for all 3! Supplies are limited, though, so swing by early if you want 'em.  You can also have your pick of one the prints if you donate at least $20 to the Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation AND run in the Heroes Con Fun Run Saturday morning.

I could not be more proud to be offering these, so I hope you'll come by and check them out.




Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean, Appearances, Heroes Con, Logan Faerber, News, Paul Maybury, Toby Cypress

OOSA Island

The Heroes Con map with table locations is now available (here) and I could not be more pleased with where the OOSA artists ended up: Right in the middle of Indie Island surrounded by some serious talent. Look at this list of people in our block!

DAVE COOPER | AA-515 Bent, Weasel, Crumple, Suckle, Dan & Larry, Bagel’s Lucky Hat

SARAH DYER | AA-516 Beasts of Burden, Action Girl Comics, Milk & Cheese, MAD

EVAN DORKIN | AA-517 Beasts of Burden, Milk & Cheese, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Comic Book, Dork!

STEPHANIE BUSCEMA | AA-518  Something Monstrous, Womanthology

BENJAMIN MARRA | AA-519 Night Business, Gangsta Rap Posse

MATTHEW D. SMITH | AA-519 Simon Says, The Adventurers

ANDY BELANGER | AA-520 Kill Shakespeare, Bottle of Awesome, Black Church

BECKY CLOONAN | AA-521 Wolves, Conan, Dracula

KEU CHA | AA-528 Hex the Lost Tribe, Rising Stars, Witchblade

ROBERT WILSON IV | AA-529 Knuckleheads, Laser Joan

MIKE MAIHACK | AA-530 Cleopatra in Space, Adventures in Sandwich Making, Cow & Buffalo

JASON HORN | AA-531 Ninjasaur, Gruff

DEAN TRIPPE | AA-532 Power Lunch, Butterfly, Project: Rooftop

JOEL CARROLL | AA-533  Cuttle & Chirp, Topaz, Flight

BRADEN LAMB | AA-534 Adventure Time, Ice Age, Muppet Snow White, Tricky Journeys

SHELLI PAROLINE | AA-534 Adventure Time, Ice Age, Muppet Snow White, Tricky Journeys

And what’s even better, my friend and proprietor of AdHouse, Chris Pitzer, will be right across from us so I can throw things at him.

So come by and see us June 22-24th. All of the OOSA artists will be chatting, sketching and selling their art and wares. And since we're all together, we might try to do some live art or other such fun stuff.

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Heroes Con Fun Run

I'll probably post a lot about OOSA's next convention appearance, Heroes Con, in the next few weeks because we will have a lot going on with 6 artists there. I wanted to start with this, though, because Out of Step Arts is a sponsor.

At last year's Heroes Con, Eric Canete got a few people together via word-of-mouth for a run one morning before the convention center doors opened. There were comic book professionals and enthusiasts, alike. Some ran, some jogged and some walked, but everyone had a good time. So much so that this year, we wanted to make sure more people knew about the run and joined in. Jason Schachter of Essential Sequential and I approached Shelton Drum and Rico Renzi to see if they'd be interested in making it an official part of the Heroes Con activities, or at least help get the word out . Since Shelton is a big fan of running, he was all about it. Soooooo, now we are going to do it up right and we want you to join us! We'll even have some special incentives for people who participate.

First, you can get an exclusive Heroes Con Fun Run t-shirt featuring artwork by Eric Canete and Rico Renzi! How do you get the shirt, you ask? You can pre-order one on the Heroes Con blog with a donation of at least $20 to the Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation. The foundation is committed to the research of the causes, diagnoses, and treatment of hairy cell leukemia; the disease that took the life of the great Dave Stevens.

And not only did Eric donate the artwork for the shirt, but he is also donating his time. If you are an artist and participate in the fun run, Eric will give you a 30-minute portfolio review on Sunday. You can read more about what he's offering and his thoughts on the run on his blog.

Finally, if you donate $20 or more to the Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation, not only will you be able to get a Fun Run shirt, but you will also get your choice of one of the OOSA prints I will have at Heroes Con, including this one by Greg Ruth and Logan Faerber. You have to take part in the Fun Run, though.

The Heroes Con Fun Run will take place Saturday the 23rd at 7:00am. I know it's early for most folks, but that will give you time to run, get cleaned up eat a healthy breakfast and get ready for the convention doors to open at 10:00. It's not a race, there are no prizes. Just a bunch of people getting out to have some fun, get some exercise and support a great cause. (The run is free, but donations are appreciated.)

I hope to see you there!!!!!

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New Art and Heroes Con Advance Commissions

Now that Spectrum LIVE! has come and gone, the next convention on the horizon is Heroes Con!!! Out of Step Arts will be there in force with SIX OOSA artists in attendance (plus myself). Alexis Ziritt, Logan Faerber and Andrew MacLean are raising the money to make the trip by listing new art in the OOSA store and taking pre-con commissions that can be picked up at the show. So here is the deal: Andrew's rates 1 character small (9x12) $50 - b/w ink 1 character large (11x14) $65 - b/w ink 2 characters or huge 1 character (11x17) $75 - b/w ink

Logan’s rates 1 character small (9×12) $50 – b/w ink or $75 for watercolor 1 character large (11×14) $65 – b/w ink or $90 for watercolor 2 characters or huge 1 character (11×17) $75 – b/w ink or $100 for watercolor

Alexis' rates 1 character (11x14) $50 - b/w ink custom sketch cards (face or bust) $10 - full color spraypaint/paint/marker 1 character (9x12) $70 - full color spraypaint/paint/marker

If you're interested, let me know or feel free to contact them directly. For samples, check out some the new work they put up in the store. It should give you a pretty good idea of what they're offering.

Keep your eyes peeled for more art and news from other OOSA artists in the weeks leading up to Heroes Con next month.

Spectrum LIVE!

Spectrum Live! report

  I went to the Spectrum Fantastic Arts LIVE! event in Kansas City, MO this past weekend, along with Andrew MacLean, Toby Cypress and Alexis Zirrit. It's the first year of the show and also OOSA's first convention appearance, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I think it's pretty safe to say that we had a great time.

We ended up getting a second booth due to a last minute cancellation. The guys had to customize it to meet their needs a little, but it made a great space for them to draw and meet people. Our other booth turned into more of a storefront where I could show off all of the OOSA artists and talk to people about what Out of Step Arts is all about.


It was hard to get away from the booth as much as I would have liked, but the convention center was full of amazing talent from what I got to see. I also met a bunch of great people that I had only interacted with online; artists, peers and other enthusiasts alike. The event organizers and volunteers all did a great job and were super easy to work with. They should be proud of what they accomplished. I hope they do it again in the future.

And P.S.: I know that a lot of people have talked about all of the great BBQ they had while in Kansas City, but unless they drove 30 miles to eat in a run-down area out in the middle of nowhere that housed the oasis of bar-b-q awesomeness that is Mr. Epps, then they don't what the hell they're talking about.

Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean, Appearances, Greg Ruth, Logan Faerber, Original Art, Spectrum LIVE!, Toby Cypress

OOSA at Spectrum LIVE!

Spectrum LIVE! is just around the corner and we are getting excited for Out of Step Arts to make it's official debut. Alexis Ziritt, Logan Faerber, Toby Cypress and Andrew MacLean will all be there, so come by booth #903 to chat and check out all of the books, original art and prints they'll be bringing. And speaking of prints...... Since this will be OOSA's first convention appearance and all, I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. OOSA artists Logan Faerber and Greg Ruth (who were both selected to be in the upcoming Spectrum 19) worked together to come up with this amazing piece just for the show. We'll have prints of this for sale, as well as the original, so be sure come see us and pick up this convention exclusive!

UPDATE: Regrettably, Logan Faerber had to cancel his appearance at Spectrum LIVE. I'll still try to have some of his work on hand for everyone to check out, though.

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Charles Vess & Greg Ruth Selling Art for a Good Cause

Charles Vess and Greg Ruth are both fantastic fellows! They were kind enough to contribute some art to the Princess and Pirate Art Exhibit I hosted on April 22nd as part of the fundraiser for the Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center. They have both extended that kindness by offering to donate a portion of the sales of the pieces in the exhibit to the BRSHC. Since most people couldn't travel to Bristol for the event, the art is now available to purchase online! Greg Ruth has listed several pieces he did for the book 'A Pirate's Guide to First Grade". You can see all of the those in the OOSA store. There are some copies of the out of print book included with some of the pieces, as well.

Charles Vess has agreed to let Out of Step Arts manage the sale of the pieces he contributed to the exhibit (Over 50!) for a limited time on behalf of himself and the BRSHC. I've set up a special gallery where you can view all of these pieces here on the OOSA site. Just click on each thumbnail to see the price and dimensions of the piece. If there is a dollar amount, the piece is still available for purchase.  If you see something you like, send me an email and we'll work out the details. Act fast though, because the Vess paintings will only be up until May 18th!

Getting great art while supporting a good cause. Does it get any better than that?

Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean, Greg Ruth, Logan Faerber, Original Art, Paul Maybury, Toby Cypress

Can I help you find something?

I'm sure you all are aware of the OOSA store by now, right? The artists have a great sampling of some of their work available for sale there. I try to encourage the artists to send me new work to list there every once in a while so there are new choices for people looking to buy something.  In fact, Alexis Ziritt just put up a bunch of new stuff so he can pay to replace his recently deceased computer and make his way to some conventions (Spectrum and Heroes Con) this summer. But, did you know that pretty much all of the artists have more work available for sale than what's listed in the store? Paul Maybury, for example, has pretty much every page from every project he's ever worked on and he's looking to find it a new home so he can cover some recent unexpected expenses. Andrew, Logan, Toby and Greg, I'm sure, all have stuff they'd love to sell, too, that's not listed in the store. So how do you get your hands on all of this unlisted stuff? Just ask! If there is a specific page or an image you've seen from any of the OOSA artists that you want to own, just get in touch with me and I'll check and see if it's available. The worst I can say is "Sorry, it's already sold." And if you're looking for something really specific, several of the OOSA artists are open for commissions right now and would be happy to draw you whatever you're looking for.

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The Princess and Pirate Art Exhibit is this Sunday


Yes, it's finally here. The Princess and Pirate Art Exhibit will be happening this Sunday as part of the Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center's fundraising event; The Princess and Pirate Tea Party. There will be several pieces from artists Greg Ruth and Charles Vess on display and for sale, along with signed books and prints. A portion of the sales will go to benefit the BRSHC (a 501(c)3 organization) and help them meet their service goals for the year.

I know that a lot of you may be interested in attending and helping support the cause, but you may live too far away. Don't worry! All of the pieces that are still available after the event will be made available for sale online in the Out of Step Arts store. And if any of the pieces are still left by the time Spectrum LIVE! rolls around, I'll bring them with me and you can purchase them there (booth # 903).

So, I hope to see you on Sunday at the Bristol Train Station. There's lots of fun to be had, lots of funds to be raised, and lots of great art to be seen.

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Two OOSA Artists Chosen For Spectrum 19

Greg Ruth and first-timer Logan Faerber were both selected to appear in the 19th edition of Spectrum! This book features the best of "Contemporary Fantastic Art" from around the world, so it's a pretty big deal that these guys made it in. There is an open submission process, but the competition is steep and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of submissions every year. Here is a picture of two of the judges looking at just a small portion of all of the work sent in. That's a lot of Styrofoam cups!

If you are planning to come to the Spectrum LIVE! event in May, be sure to swing by the OOSA booth (#903) and congratulate Logan in person.

Alexis Ziritt, Greg Ruth, Original Art, Paul Maybury, SALE!

The End is Near!

That’s right, the end of March marks the end of Paul Maybury’s 1/2 off sale. We are also going to be taking down Greg Ruth’s Secret Journeys of Jack London art at the end of the month, as well.  If you were waiting around, hemming and hawing, time is just about up!

Go to the OOSA store before it’s too late!

Stay tuned, though, because we are going to be announcing a sale on Alexis Ziritt's art soon.


Please Welcome Ming Doyle

Yes, as you may have seen on the Heroes Con blog, Ming Doyle is the newest artist to join the Out of Step Arts crew and we couldn't be happier!  Ming adds a whole new level of "geek-cred" to the collective.  She also brings a new perspective on comics and a unique talent for design and fashion. Now that Ming has signed on (which took some convincing, mind you), she'll be working on taking her art in some new directions in the near future. One of things Ming has set her sights on is doing more personal work and getting her art into some galleries. I'm excited that OOSA gets to support Ming in her efforts to make that happen.

Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime, check out Ming's profile page or visit her website. And don't forget to check out all of the other things going on at Out of Step Arts this week!

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A big week at OOSA: Sales and a new artist!

There is a lot going on at Out of Step Arts this week. Let's break it down. First thing, PAUL MAYBURY is going to be having a huge sale starting on Friday. Not only is he adding new art to the OOSA store, but he's also listing all of his art half off!!! And if that's not enough, he'll also be offering single character commissions for only $50.  The sale won't last for long, though. Just 2 weeks. Paul has had a run of bad luck with machines lately and needs to cover some expenses. So, look for the price changes to happen on Friday and act fast! I have a feeling things will sell out quickly.

Speaking of price changes, ALEXIS ZIRITT has reduced his commission prices to $60 for 11x17 inked pieces and $100 for 11x17 watercolor pieces. If you were waiting for a reason to get something from him, there it is. Expect to see some new art from Alexis in the store soon, as well.

TOBY CYPRESS has just added some copies of his graphic novel Rodd Racer in the store for just $5 (plus $3 for shipping)! These are the out-of-print and hard to find PunkRock Jazz Publishing versions with the  B/W pages. Each copy comes with an original sketch by Toby in it, too.

And finally, we're adding a new artist to the OOSA crew!!! Who is it, you ask? Well, our good friends at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find are going to help us make the announcement on their Heroes Con blog this week, so be sure you are either on their mailing list, or are following them on Twitter or Facebook so you are one of the first to know.

Greg Ruth, Original Art

The Secret Journeys of Jack London art for sale

    Greg ruth has put several of the illustrations he did for The Secret Journeys of Jack London books ('The Wild' and the newly released 'The Sea Wolves') up in the store. Go take a look while they are still there! Greg has offered to send a signed hardcover copy of 'The Sea Wolves' to the first three people who buy one of the Jack London pieces priced at $100 or more, so they will probably move quickly.

Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean, Appearances, Spectrum LIVE!, Toby Cypress

Our Spectrum Live Booth

Spectrum Fanastic Arts LIVE has released the floor plan for the event in May.  We were given a great spot on the front row near Stuart Ng Books and comic book artist Ben Templesmith. That should provide us with a lot of traffic from comics-minded people. So, come by booth #903 and see us. Toby Cypress, Alexis Ziritt, Andrew Maclean, (and even though he's not listed on the map yet) Logan Fareber will all be there with me.

(click on the image to see all the detail)


Please Welcome Logan Faerber

I am happy to announce that Logan Faerber is joining the Out of Step Arts crew. Logan is a Boston based artist who has done a little bit of everything. Comics, gallery shows, gig posters and album art, teaching, etc. His style is a great addition to the wonderfully diverse group of artists featured here at OOSA. But instead of me going on about him, I'll let you get to know him through this recent video interview he did for RAW Boston.

Be sure to check out Logan's profile page to see more of his work. If you like what you see, Logan will be selling art and taking on commission work. Details on that will be up soon.

News, Toby Cypress

New Print available from Toby Cypress

Thunder Alley! Where the city's best racers risk everything for greatness. From the pages of T.Cypress's critically acclaimed graphic novel RODD RACER, this print depicts the climatic moments as racers edge closer towards the finish line.

Measuring 17 x 11 inches, this print features bright, textured colors on acid free, Hahnemühle museum etching archival textured paper. A stunning piece for an office, living room, or collector's gallery.

Every print from this open run is signed by artist Toby Cypress, mailed flat, and is ready for framing. Go to the Out of Step Arts store to get one!

News, Original Art, Paul Maybury

Paul Maybury art for sale and commissions

Paul has added a bunch of art to the OOSA store, so go on over and take a look.  If you don't see exactly what you want, you have a couple of choices:

  1. If you are looking for a specific page or image, email me and ask about it.  If it's available, we can probably work something out.
  2. Get a commission.

That's right, Paul is open for commissions!  Black and white brush and ink pieces with one character is $80. It's an additional $50 per character.  A full 11x17 commission (includes background and digital colors) is $300. Now if you want something more elaborate, such a group shot or larger sized piece, those commissions will be arranged and priced on a case-by-case basis.

And as always, please take some time to check out the available art from the other OOSA artists. Part of the purpose of the collective is to expose fans of one artist to other artists' work. Everyone here has their own distinct style, but more than likely, if you dig Paul's art, you're going to like the other guys' as well.


Greg Ruth, News

Princess and Pirate Art Exhibit

I am happy to announce that Out of Step Arts will be sponsoring and coordinating a gallery exhibit featuring artwork from our own Greg Ruth and Master Illustrator Charles Vess.  The exhibit will benefit the Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center as part of their Princess and Pirate Tea Party fundraising event on April 22nd in Bristol, VA. Greg Ruth and Charles Vess are both multiple award winning artist whose work has graced the pages of numerous publications and has been exhibited in galleries around the world.  For this exhibit, Greg will be displaying some of the original illustrations from the children's book "A Pirate's Guide to First Grade" (written by James Preller). These illustrations have also been exhibited at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and at The Society of Illustrators' Museum of American Illustration.  Charles will be displaying several fantastic works featuring his delightful fairy tale theme, for which he is so well known.  There will be opportunities to purchase art, books and prints at the exhibit, so stay tuned for the details to come.

The Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1955. They provide hearing and speech related services to all ages of people who have communicative disorders across the rural Appalachian areas of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. In order to help raise the money they need to meet their service goals, the BRSHC is hosting their inaugural Princess and Pirate Tea Party fundraiser. Please visit their website to see how you can get involved.  




When I decided to start Out of Step Arts back in July, I gave myself 6 months to do everything to become an official business (licenses, taxes, state paperwork, etc.) and develop my website.  Well, I've done all that and more!  I have a crew of absolutely stellar artists on board, sold a few things and got some things in place for next year.  And speaking of next year.... 2012 is going to be great!  Toby Cypress and Andrew MacLean have plans to make some new prints available, MEATSPACE (feat. Andrew) and THE PACKAGE (feat. Alexis) should both be out, Toby will be working on his projects and doing a gallery show or two, Paul Maybury will have some of his art up in the store and Greg should have some new stuff up as well.  Not only that, OOSA will be making its first convention appearance at the Spectrum LIVE! event in May with at least one other appearance to follow, AND I'll be sponsoring a gallery event in my home town featuring some of Greg Ruth's art along with another Master Illustrator you may have heard of.  More on that to come!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists who got involved with Out of Step Arts, as well as the patrons and supporters who have validated what I wanted to try to do with this endeavor.  You are all greatly appreciated.